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GSA Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise Architecture, Policy and Planning Division provides business-focused IT support for GSA customers at all levels of the organization.

The General Services Administration's Enterprise Architecture team maintains a list of systems approved for use at GSA, called the IT Standards Profile list. This list includes:

  • Desktop software
  • Server software
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Make sure to pay attention to the Status column, as the list includes items that are Approved, Pending, and Denied (though there can be other values for the column).

The data is manually exported (for now) from the official list in GEAR on a regular (but best-effort) basis. See the Last Modified date on the CSV to see when it was last updated. Feel free to open an issue to give us a nudge if we forget!

To see the latest-and-greatest list, get on the GSA network and visit GEAR.

Updating the list

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Connect to the GSA network (VPN information)
  3. Follow either the scripted or manual steps below.



  • cURL
  • Git
  • Python 3

From this directory (enterprise-architecture), run the updating script:



  1. Visit the canonical IT Standards list.

  2. Only show the Standard Name, Description, Category, Status, Deployment Type, and Approval Expiration Date columns.

    column selection drop-down

  3. Export the list as a CSV.

    export drop-down

  4. Save/rename the file as it-standards.csv in this directory.

  5. Commit the changes.

  6. Send a pull request.