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Build a game this November!

Game Off

Game Off is our annual month-long game jam where participants create games using their favorite game engines, libraries, and programming languages. Newbies, professional game developers, and everyone in between are welcome to join. It’s a great excuse to learn a new technology, collaborate on something over the weekends with friends, or create a game by yourself for the first time! Join now!

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Game Off

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Game Off

November 01, 2021 - December 01, 2021 • Online

Game Off is an annual game jam, where participants spend the month of November creating games based on a secret theme. Participate individually, or as a team. Use whatever game engines, libraries, and languages you like.

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Multi-language Dependency Automation

  • Automatically update dependencies using convenient Pull Requests
  • Supports a multitude of languages including JavaScript, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Go, Cargo, Elixir, Docker, etc.
  • Extensive configurability. WhiteSource Renovate will fit in with your workflow, including custom grouping and schedules
  • Supports shared presets as code, similar to eslint shared configs

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Corfucinas commented Feb 16, 2021


Since we have Kotlin tutorials for available, why not include Flutter?


We should allow this option when considering mobile development.

Possible Implementation & Open Questions

Similar to other sections formats, add sources and links for people to study.

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Increase velocity and reduce technical debt through code review by world-class engineers backed by automation. PullRequest provides code review with inline comments directly on your pull requests in GitHub.