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squashy bug

Game Off

This year’s Game Off wrapped up with over 500 submissions. Check out the game called squashy bug - one of this year’s top entries.

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JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight interpreted programming language with first-class functions.

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GitHub Community AMA with Mishmanners

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GitHub Community AMA with Mishmanners

January 28, 2022 • Online

MishManners aka Hackathon Queen will be here to answer the community’s top unanswered! Join us and get your answers–or bring new ones and we’ll figure it out together.

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Multi-language Dependency Automation

  • Automatically update dependencies using convenient Pull Requests
  • Supports a multitude of languages including JavaScript, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Go, Cargo, Elixir, Docker, etc.
  • Extensive configurability. WhiteSource Renovate will fit in with your workflow, including custom grouping and schedules
  • Supports shared presets as code, similar to eslint shared configs

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This repository is my documenting repository for learning the world of DevOps. I started this journey on the 1st January 2022 and I plan to run to March 31st for a complete 90-day romp on spending an hour a day including weekends to get a foundational knowledge across a lot of different areas that make up DevOps.

  • Updated Jan 22, 2022
  • Go

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hsalluri259 commented Jan 20, 2022

The example shown here ( has a for_each on the data source. I used it for one of my use cases, but it throws the below error.

data "azurerm_key_vault" "cpe_akv" {
name = "cpe"
resource_group_name = "cpe-secrets"

data "azurerm_key_vault_secrets" "secrets" {

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Christilut commented Nov 6, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When working with a big piece of text, I sometimes scroll down and copy some text into another tab. When switching back to the first tab, both the input and the output pane is back on top. So I don't know where I was working just now.

Describe the solution you'd like
After tab switching, scroll position should be remembere

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kumpera commented Jan 19, 2022

🐛 Describe the bug

Usage of RRefContext::handleException in torch/csrc/distributed/rpc/rref_context.cpp is wrong when the future has an error.

RRefContext::handleException uses TORCH_CHECK which throws.

Callers of RRefContext::handleException don't expect that and run code after it without any guarding.



cc @pietern @mrshenli @pritamdamania87


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ryandpardey commented Jan 11, 2022

Steps you follow to reproduce the error:

rpc GetArticle (GetArticleRequest) returns (GetArticleResponse) {
    option (google.api.http) = {
        get: "/v2/articles/{slug}"
        additional_bindings: {
            get: "/v2/articles/{id.hex}"

message GetArticleRequest {
    oneof article_id {
        insider.protobuf.ObjectID id = 1;

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mkopinsky commented Sep 2, 2021

As far as I can tell, the only time I can edit the configuration of an instance is the first time I run limactl start. It would be nice if I could do something like:

  • limactl stop default
  • limactl edit default (opens editor just like the first time it's created)
  • limactl start default

Maybe this is already possible somehow? If so, I can't find the documentation in either the rep


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codebeat screenshot

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Tired of manually scraping your code looking for the smallest issues? Take codebeat for a spin! 🚀

codebeat is an automated static code analysis tool supporting multiple languages used by both web and mobile developers worldwide. Now also providing style analysis for projects written in Swift🔥.

We've integrated SwiftLint, the best linter for Swift in our code review app and fixed you with a help page. about the feature. Enjoy!