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Glo Parse Card Links

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Glo Parse Card Links

GitHub Action to parse links to Glo Boards cards


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Glo Parse Card Links
  uses: Axosoft/glo-action-parse-links@v1
Learn more about this action in Axosoft/glo-action-parse-links
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GitHub action to parse links to Glo Boards cards

Use this action to parse out Glo Boards card IDs from links in git commit message or pull request description. The action returns an output that is a stringified list of boards and cards.

Using Glo Boards card links

A common scenario in development workflows is to add links to issues or Glo cards in commit messages and pull request descriptions.

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When including links to Glo Boards cards in a commit message, you can use this GitHub action to parse those links to retrieve the IDs of the boards and cards referenced in the links. The board ID and card ID can then be used in subsequent steps to perform actions on these cards (e.g. change the label or assignee, or move the cards to another column).

Action output

This action has an output parameter called cards which is an array of objects with the following interface:

interface ICard {
  boardId: string;
  cardId: string;

where boardId is the ID of the board, and cardId is the ID of a card belonging to that board.

The cards output is stringified, so in order to use it in another action it just needs to be parsed:

const cardsJson = core.getInput('cards');
const cards = JSON.parse(cardsJson);

Usage with another action

Add a step in your workflow file to perform to parse the links, then a second step can use the output from this action:

    - uses: Axosoft/glo-action-parse-links@v1
      id: glo-parse

    - uses: Axosoft/glo-action-label-card@v1
        authToken: ${{ secrets.GLO-PAT }}
        cards: '${{ }}'
        label: 'Released'
      id: glo-label