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pvdlg commented Feb 10, 2018

Most of the documentation has been rewritten recently. The content minimum content we need is there but there is a lot that can be done to improve it.

If you'd like to contribute to the semantic-release project, helping with the following would be much appreciated:

  • Fix typo, misspelling and gramatical mistakes
  • Improve language: make short and simpler sentences, improve clarity
  • Harmoniz
Lp-Francois commented Oct 5, 2019


  • Leon version: latest
  • OS (or browser) version: Fedora 30
  • Node.js version: 10.16.3
  • Complete "npm run check" output:
➡ Here is the diagnosis about your current setup
✔ Run
✔ Run modules
✔ Reply you by texting
❗ Amazon Polly text-to-speech
❗ Google Cloud text-to-speech
❗ Watson text-to-speech
❗ Offline text-to-speech
❗ Google Cloud speech-to-text
❗ Watson spee
kvnkho commented Dec 15, 2021

Current behavior

You get an error if you try to upload the same file name

azure.core.exceptions.ResourceExistsError: The specified blob already exists.

Proposed behavior

The task should take in an overwrite argument and pass it to [this line](

MoreFamed commented Aug 26, 2021

Hi, I came across strange behaviour of RF regarding embedded arguments. I have keyword

Perform ${arg:[^ ]+}
    Log To Console  ${arg}

In other words, the argument cannot contain any space. Then, Perform abcd passes, as it contains no space. Perform ab cd fails with No keyword with name 'Perform ab cd' found, since it does contain a space. So far so good. But when I set the valu

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  • Updated Jan 13, 2022
  • Python

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