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stijnb1234 commented Jan 6, 2022

Is there an existing feature request for this?

  • I have searched the existing issues before opening this feature request.

This looks like a duplicate of #2383, but it's not. In that issue this button was mentioned, but the closing PR did not also add the select all button requested, only the Save button.

Describe the feature you would like to see.

Add a button on top to sel

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  • Updated Jul 26, 2021
WenceslaoGrillo commented May 29, 2020

Some suggestions to make it easier to run the backend without the front end. Some of these suggestions might be *ix only:

  • a command line parameter to indicate that the back end should start with everything that is pending without waiting for a front end to be available in the browser.
  • some instruction to make it work as a daemon (Linux) or service (Windows) to gain independence from the te

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