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idesigncode commented Nov 24, 2021

Describe the bug
In Firefox, the zoom feature uses transform styles (see storybookjs/storybook#12845) - unfortunately this breaks positioning on elements that require position: fixed when in the "Docs" view.

Normally a position: fixed element's position would correspond to the viewport but in Firefox it corresponds to the element with the transform style.

yjukaku commented Jul 15, 2020

Describe the bug

When using the Swap plugin, it's impossible to cancel a swap once the swap threshold has been met for an item. You can't drag the item back to its original place to prevent a swap. This happens with or without the revertOnSpill: true option.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to
  2. Drag "Item 1" to h
ViggoV commented Nov 21, 2019


  • Package version(s): @blueprintjs/core@3.17.2 @blueprintjs/select@3.11.2
  • Browser and OS versions: MacOS Catalina (10.15.1) / Chrome 78.0.3904.108


Is there any solid documentation for the renderFilteredItems() utility function exported from the select package? It is briefly mentioned under the itemListRenderer props section of the select c

svengau commented Jun 4, 2021

Copy some text, then on official demo, select all content (ctrl A + ctrl A) and try to paste. Nothing happens.

This is a minor bug, because a quick workaround is to delete the text prior to paste the content of the clipboard.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Copy some text
  2. Go to
  3. Select all content, by typing ctrl A + ctrl A
  4. Try to paste

Device, Browser, OS: Macboo

copiali commented Oct 22, 2019
  • components: progress
  • reactstrap version #8.1.1


What is happening?

When value is greater than 100 (or less than 0), width will become greater than 100%(or negative).

What should be happening?

Think we should set the max-width to be 100%. And fallback width to 0 if value is negative.


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